Haas VF19 F1 2019


Australia 2016

Grands Prix:





Team Principal:

Gunther Steiner


Romain Grosjean

Kevin Magnussen

Significant Others:

Gene Haas - entrepreneurial NASCAR bothering ex-alcoholic who got so shirty about a failed patent application he fiddled his tax returns to the tune of $20m. Still, not many other team owners can say they went to prison for nearly 2 years - not until India finally catch up with Vijay Mallya at any rate


Haas CNC Racing was set up in 2002 with the sole aim of going round and round and round in circles faster than anyone else at its good 'ol domestic racing series, NASCAR at which pre-Enlightenment locations host drivers from the Stone Age competing in cars from the Industrial Revolution. gene haas F1

Subsequently winning 2 titles, Haas turned on his TV in 2013 and accidentally witnessed the broadcast of a different form of motor racing featuring open cockpit cars competing at an event located somewhere called, "overseas". Hurling his Chilli Cheese Dog, Giant Mega-Pepsi and Family Freedom Fries across his Motel room, Gene swiftly forgot his irritation the usual Beverly Hillbillies re-run had been cancelled and immediately set about discovering exactly how he could grab a piece of the action.

Now in its third year, Haas have showed everyone it is possible to start a Grand Prix team from scratch and for it to be American yet not a piss-achingly funny embarrassment - provided Ferrari provide all your equipment, personnel and tell you what to do 24/7.

Distinguishing Markings:

Black, silver and red: the sort of combo popular around the mid-90s. Corporate logos resplendently large on breast pockets at all times in that disconcerting way old-fashioned middlebrow American Corporations insist passionately reflects the employee's love of their company whilst simultaneously mirroring the philosophy of the enforced flag-waving Soviet autobot eulogising about the latest potato harvest figures.

Reasons to support them, part 1:

You believe tax evasion is a patriotic duty; you're American; you have a passion for Grits

Fun Fact(s):

Did I mention the tax evasion, alcoholic thing? OK, how about the employment of the wife beater thing? Had enough fun yet?

Split personality?:

Ferrari have leant them a lot of equipment. And personnel. And instructions. But don't worry: they're as independent from them as Guantanamo Bay is Cuban

Owned by:

Gene Haas: the guy with the alcohol and the tax...ok, you got it the second time

Not to be confused with:

That other failed US F1 team from the mid-80s, a Heart attack, USF1, Hart to Hart, Arses, Arsenal