Racing Point

Racing Point RP19 F1 2019Debut: Phoenix 1991, Bahrain 2006, Melbourne 2007, Melbourne 2008 ,Melbourne, 2019

Grands Prix: 250, 18, 17, 191, 0

Constructor’s Championships: 0

Driver’s Championships: 0

Wins: 0

Team Principal: 


Sergio Perez                                                                           Lance Stroll

Sergio Perez - Racing Point - 2020Lance Stroll F1 racing driver, Racing Point 2019







Significant Others:

History: Forged (mired?) in the origins of Jordan, Force India underwent 2 shambling transformations before in 2008 becoming the team you see before you now: a shambling embarrassment of a team thanks to its owner’s nefarious business dealings somehow not being aped on track.

Now entering its 2nd decade of competition after equaling its highest ever constructors’ championship finishing position of 4th thanks as much to the hyperbolic incompetences of the teams below them as any intrinsic genius on behalf of the Silverstone-based team.

If that sounds harsh, below them sit the aforementioned tail-spinning sellouts from Grove, ex-Lotus team more interested stabbing itself with its new Renault badges than putting out the fire it inherited, a 2nd string fizzy drink branding exercise, Ferrari copycat entrant drawn on Budweiser beermats, an imploding former grandee team wedded now divorced to an engine that can’t blow the top off a rice pudding and Sauber.

Esteban Ocon’s addition proved fruitful in much the same way an explosion in an orchard does given the number of times he and Sergio Perez hit each other though this is as nothing compared to the off-screen shenanigans with its on-the-run owner, pink livery and constantly postponed name change itself the result of its on-the-run owner’s blacker than white persona. If they finish 4th this year it will be a fucking miracle, quite frankly.

Distinguishing Markings: Possibly reflecting his contempt for the Indian judicial system’s attempts to lock him in irons, Mallya dropped nods to the orange, green and white of the Indian national flag in favour of a lurid pink livery to honour new signal sponsor BWT. Nobody should be in the least surprised

Reasons to support them, part 1: Indian nationalism – and nothing but good came of that of course; beer/whisky enthusiasm; make-do-and mend aficionado; Pink News subscriber

Split Personality? Jordan, Midland, Spyker. And probably half a dozen other shell companies set up for tax reasons in the British Virgin Islands if anyone ever got hold of the accounts

Owned By: Vijay Mallya or his creditors if anyone gets their hands on him

Fun fact(s): Despite being an escaped lunatic, Eddie Jordan set up and ran the precursor to Force India under his own name for over 10 years without somehow setting fire to it, trading it for magic beans or covering it in chocolate and entering it as a float in the Rio Carnaval, (though he wanted very badly to do all 3 at some point)

Not to be confused with: Force 10 from Navarone, Force 8 Gale, For Sale signs, Jordan