• Martin Whitmarsh mclaren honda 2015

    Whitmarsh Mclaren culpability contract extended

    Martin Whitmarsh can continue to be blamed for all Mclaren’s problems until at least the end of 2016.

  • Whitmarsh superglue antidote breakthrough

    Whitmarsh superglue antidote breakthrough

  • ron dennis martin whitmarsh

    Whitmarsh still lurking

    Martin Whitmarsh is still hanging about somewhere or other. The now ex-Mclaren Racing CEO was replaced by uber-Mclaren boss, Ron Dennis in January and hasn’t been seen in public since. It’s thought he might be hiding in a box somewhere or maybe a cupboard but until he shows his face everyone will just have to

  • Mclaren fans twinned with Arsenal

    Mclaren fans twinned with Arsenal

    Mclaren fans are to be twinned with those from perennial non-Premier League winners, Arsenal. The Woking squad have had a wretched 2013 to go with respectively disappointing, excruciating and woeful previous years where they sometimes fleetingly looked like winning something before ending up doing nothing like that. Team boss Martin Whitmarsh burbled, “disappointment, but, team

  • F1 - 2013 - Jenson Button

    Button basically shit detector

    Jenson Button is now McLaren’s official yardstick of mediocrity. The 33 year old multiple Grand Prix winner has had his status altered by his employers and will from now on be mainly used as a litmus test for whether any other drivers on their payroll are shit or not.  Initial tests were less successful Unfathomably

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