• Mark Webber drinks from Daniel Ricciardo's shoe

    Webber finally expunges Valencia terror

    Mark Webber has finally erased the terrifying memories of his Valencia 2010 crash by replacing it with the even scarier memory of drinking champagne from Daniel Ricciardo’s shoe.

  • Shaman demands Mark Webber refund refund

    Shaman demands Mark Webber refund refund

    A Haitian shaman who sold Mark Webber a Vettel voodoo figurine is demanding his money back claiming promised bad luck was delayed by Black Magic forces beyond his control. The Antipodean bought the 4″ 4-times champion plasticine figurine in the good faith that plunging knitting needles into the pliable German devil doll would immediately elicit a

  • mark webber lance armstrong

    Webber shit

    Mark Webber was shit all along, it’s been revealed. In addition, Sebastian Vettel probably doesn’t even deserve 1 world title, let alone 4 and Adrian Newey was grown from a strain of super-engineering androids created by a master race of alien terraformers from somewhere in the western arm of the Andromeda galaxy. F1 pundit scientist,

  • Aborigines-possess red bull racing

    Red Bull Racing possessed by Aboriginal spirits

    The Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team is possessed by the spirit of Karora, a creator God from Aboriginal mythology. Daniel Ricciardo’s 2nd straight catastrophic race after being disqualified from the season opener in Melbourne made it clear white Australians aren’t welcome at the fizzy drink team with Aboriginal spirits the number one suspects. Didgereedoo

  • F1 - 2013 - Webber deletes Vettel love poem

    Webber deletes Vettel love poem

    Mark Webber’s purge of his web information also deleted a love letter to erstwhile hated team-mate, Sebastian Vettel at least according to one fan. F1 advocate and self-confessed web expert, Stench Diesel told us, “Mark thought he was being clever posting then immediately deleting stuff as he knew his opinions would be broadcast but in

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