• hrt F1, hispania F1

    HRT won in the end

    The defunct F1 team HRT ended up as the best of the 3 teams that entered F1 in 2010 because they lost the least money. The Spanish concern burbled along at the back of the grid under 2 different names for a whole 3 seasons before finally going under but as a result only became

  • hrt hail most successful test 3

    HRT hail most successful ever test

    Ersthwhile F1 whipping boys, HRT have declared the recent Barcelona F1 test the most successful in their history.

  • Other half of HRT potential revealed

    Other half of HRT potential revealed

  • HRT F1 Move to Madrid

    New HRT HQ much more homely, says boss

    The new HRT base feels really welcoming thanks to getting these shelves up promptly, boss Luis Perez-Sala admitted proudly. Criticized for failing to attend the only F1 test of the year having already been late introducing their new F112 car, the Spanish team chose instead to make a real go at knocking their new place

  • HRT F1 2012 Simulator

    HRT leave grill on

    Somebody at HRT has left the fridge door open or grill on or something so we’re all going to have to go back and check rather than go to Mugello for the F1 test, a team spokesman has announced. Attempting to juggle 2012 season commitments – new regulations, drivers and the usual complicated global travel

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