Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas F1 driver 2020







Team: Mercedes GP

Born: 1989 (30)

Nationality: Finnish

Profile: “Dead man walking!  Dead man walking!” exclaims Doug Hutchison’s Percy Wetmore in the 1999 US prison dirge, The Green Mile – also, everyone else in the 2019 F1 paddock at Valtteri Bottas.  3rd season lucky for the 30 year old seems a bit of a longshot now any last residue of confidence seems to have disappeared straight down the Lewis Hamilton’s Team Mate plughole .  It all seems such a long time since the Highly Rated™ Valtteri was parachuted into a championship winning car at the 11th hour upon Nico Rosberg’s simultaneously inexplicable and yet entirely understandable revelation his real life would only start the minute he left the orbit of the artificial one his team-mate had created.  Sadly, Valtteri’s real life is still inextricably tied up with attempting to live with Hamilton, let alone beat him but he can take solace in the fact nobody else has managed consistently to do that either and the way Nico is living it up currently, maybe life really does begin after 44?