Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas F1 driver 2020







Team: Mercedes GP

Born: 1989 (31)

Nationality: Finnish

Profile: 8th most boring person ever to win a Grand Prix, Bottas enters 2021 still employed as a Mercedes driver thanks to his deadpan corporate flag waving dependability and Goldilocks speed temperament (just fast enough not to be embarrassing, just slow enough not to bother Lewis 9 times out of 10).  Duller than a boiled potato but without its versatility, Bottas enters 2021 yet again driving the best car on the grid but with about the same chance George Russell does of being world champion and – judging by the volume of football boardroom style corporate backing noises from Toto Wolff – considerably fewer chances in 2022. A patsy for the board’s desperate attempts to keep their star driver’s signature as uncontroversially as possible, that all went up in smoke when Lewis got Covid, Russell got his chance, blowing the Finn away and everyone realised the whole policy had no clothes.  Expect the usual couple of victories unless the Red Bull really is that good in which case not winning anything in 2021 will be at least as memorable as all the victories he’s assembled up till now.