Mercedes GP




1989 (28)


Plastecine-faced Bottas arguably animates less than a Nick Park creation making it hard to fathom whether he's delighted or sad to end up driving a championship-drubbing Mercedes F1 car albeit alongside personality-drubbing Lewis Hamilton. Initially closer matched than many feared in a potential one horse race, Bottas broke his duck in Russia but only added two more equally forgettable victories to a drab roster once the 28 year old had been duly handed his L'oreal drenched thrashing by a team-mate keen on handing the Finn toe-curling public platitudes so long as his own overwhelming superiority held up. Aping Raikkonen's pliant one-downmanship at main rivals Ferrari is surely a non-starter at the likes of Mercedes, however shrill Hamilton's post-Rosberg emollient-pleading so one can only assume Valtteri gets his marching orders long before 2019 hoves into view or delivers a robust, year-long championship challenge. The former then.

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