1987 (30)


The curious case of Sebastian Vettel: as if running his racing career backwards, the German has started to drive like the petulant, flaky youngster he'd never been when at least he could have offered up youth as an excuse for the (current) sulky demeanour. Colliding numerous times with his team-mate - a man admittedly tempted to leave his car anywhere that would offer him an early exit - Vettel went maximum twat at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix; swerving into Lewis Hamilton at a misconstrued brake test with all the charm of an enraged toddler. Having discovered first-hand how Ferrari could screw up when a championship wasn't at stake, Seb now got first hand experience especially when there was. The German's own wilting under pressure compounded when his team dropped the ball at a pivotal moment of the season, turning a championship lead into a deficit faster than Gazzeta dello Sport could copy and paste their earlier Vettel-blaming editorials together. Still teetering on the brink of a fifth title but then everyone used to say that about Fernando Alonso's third and we all know where that started to go tits up as well.

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