1986 (31)


How old is Romain now? 28? 32? A million? For those who still recall the shiny faced bumfluff pirouetting in puppyish abandon in Alonso's exhaust fumes it may seem extraordinary that the Frenchman is now some sort of elder F1 statesman: polite, respectful and entirely anonymous. A Swiss cheese alone at the back of a brushed steel American fridge, every day bringing forth the terrible clarity the coveted Ferrari role is as distant a prospect now as it was when he was playing real life robot wars with his hi-tech battering ram: the Lotus E20 Killalot. Back then, Mark Webber called him dangerous but like all celebrities given such inimical nicknames, age mellows and refines and it can't be long before Grosjean is appearing in children's films as a transvestite pirate, advertising butter and exposing himself on a webcam to fans and newspaper journalists alike. (And not, if his legal team happen to be reading).

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