1984 (34)


The man who so catastrophically ruined his career finally returns to a different sort of car crash at Williams Grand Prix Engineering. It's possible Frank still holds the reins when it comes to driver recruitment and had a soft spot for someone who - like him - almost completely destroyed his life thanks to an impatience with the grip afforded by a saloon car. Kubica is clearly not the dazzling talent he once was but is at least honest about it even if it seems especially odd that in so doing, he merely exposes the desperate limitations of a team in hiring the (still) partially disabled Pole as its lead driver. Kubica's story is a desperately sad Sporting Tragedy made sweet by his return to 90% of his former self but about to be hosed in piss thanks to the one team on the grid guaranteed to undercut redemption thanks to its current straightforward lameness. As ironic as it is depressing.

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