Pierre Gasly

Pierre Gasly Formula 1 Racing Driver, AlphaTauri 2020







Team: AlphaTauri

Nationality: French

Born: 1996 (24)

Profile: Successfully seeing off a driver even Red Bull itself had rejected some 5 years earlier, Gasly had better have a big tub of superfly driver’s ointment to rub into his gloves if he thinks kicking Brendon Hartley’s arse will cut it now he’s promoted to the senior team. Thanklessly given the task by Red Bull of keeping Verstappen honest when the policy of senior management is to manage the Dutchman in the opposite fashion, Gasly took to the Herculean task by massively tanking his new mount in testing immediately burying any goodwill he’d accrued simply by being available once Ricciardo had done one. Gasly may already be pondering if he were better off staying where he was. Despite Toro Rosso being perpetually stalked by the undead figure of Helmut Marko, at least seeing off either rebound basket case Kvyat or underwhelming driver/Thai Marketing Sensation Alexander Albon gives him another year in F1 rather than Red Bull’s other feeder program: Formula E.