Red Bull Racing




1997 (20)


Dour faced Plug-alike offspring of wife-beating father Jos, Max eats other racing drivers for breakfast before shitting them into his hand and forcing his vanquished foe to consume it in an unholy act of F1 communion everyone except racing driver insurers has gone crazy for. Still, for all that by the time Senna had done 60 Grand Prix - Verstappen's alleged successor, let's not forget - the Brazilian had won a 10th of them and been on pole for every 3rd. If the spiky 20 year old is really Ayrton's heir in more than just questionable driving ethics he'd better start putting more wins on the board than other people on the grass. Still, assuming Renault aren't intent on recreating Honda's funniest failures, 2018 is as good a chance as the Dutchman has had of writing his own legend rather than another competitors' obituary.

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