Lance Stroll

Lance Stroll F1 racing driver, Racing Point 2019







Team: Racing Point

Nationality: Canadian

Born: 1998 (22)

Profile: Like a fart in a bank vault, Lance Stroll arrived at Racing Point with the same stale aroma his team’s name brainstorming session must have been conducted in. As if all the complaints about pay drivers were incantations accidentally rousing the Dark Lord Himself, Son of Lawrence ungirdled his stinking money-clip as part of Force India’s rescue package; simultaneously liberating millions from his dad’s bank account and the former team’s employees from their own personal demon; on-the-run bill-defaulting shit-shyster Vijay Mallya.¬† Stroll has a podium to his name but the jury is out on his abilities, unless your name is Jacques Villeneuve in which case the Lou Ferrigno lookalike has already been convicted and hanged for offences against driving. Given Villeneuve’s increasingly bizarre pronouncements probably reason enough to give him the benefit of the doubt at least as long as he keeps bankrolling F1’s financially rickety grid.