Force India




1996 (21)


Ocon's head of hair is so penetratingly dark and thick it's a distinct possibility there's a black hole at the centre trapping all the light. Perhaps his gravitationally darkened umbra is what caused so many accidents with his team mate last year as Perez struggled to spot the Frenchman idly passing the time of day wherever it was in the road the Mexican wanted to be at that exact moment? Many were impressed by the Mercedes protege's pace circa the shaved Dick Dastardly but given the former's inevitable waning powers in the face of a decade long slog in the middle of the grid dragging around great whalefulls of sponsor cash, anything less impressive would almost certainly see the 21 year old slung out on his ear. In a season of drama-free overtaking induced somnolence, Force India's own Chuckle Brothers tribute act did at least make for some passable alternative entertainment: like a coconut shy at a back-to-back broadcast of the Mahabharat. Ding! Ding! Round 2!!

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