Toro Rosso




1994 (age 24)


Testing the 1967 Bond film adage in strictly motorsport terms, Kvyat returns to the team he has already left twice. Kvyat replaces Brendon Hartley, the man who replaced him last for whom F1 is now a fast receding dot in the rear view mirror. Meanwhile, the person who replaced him first, Max Verstappen appears as a fast receding dot over the horizon for almost everyone else. Proving - alongside Sergey Sirotkin - that if nothing else, Russian Roubles trump nothing in F1, Kvyat nevertheless re-enters the sport via Helmut Marko which at least demonstrates a level of resilience invisible when he was busy falling off the track once a fortnight. Both Gasly and Albon's records have not exactly been stellar in the lower categories so one could argue it's only fair Franz Tost's recent prediliction for second chances, a.k.a. Help! Our Junior Driver Program Is Broken!!! should be exercised in favour of somebody who really did seemed destined for the top back in 2014 when he would have been barely up to Putin's black belt, (but I bet they've still got Hartley on speed-dial.)

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