Red Bull Racing




1989 (28)


2017's second most unbelievable thing after Perez and Occon not beating the shit out of each other was swiftly disabused at the Hungarian Grand Prix when F1's next feistiest team-mates finally collided. If being t-boned by your team-mate wasn't bad enough, any thoughts of an immediate stopwatch-based revenge had to be kept on ice as the season entered its summer break before Verstappen duly returned to the battle ground in September and handed the horse-faced Ozzie a 24 carat pummelling, tripling the team's victory tally in the process. Admittedly self-effacing about a Baku fluke that would have made a Blue Whale's seem minnow-like, the Australian's sole triumph seemed more like a millstone as the season progressed: highlighting the Antipodean's lucky streak over a swashbuckling team-mate too often left to scowl at the roadside as his Red Bull let him down for the umpteenth time. Now in his 6th year, expect the dentally superior Antipodean to fight appropriately tooth and nail with his Dutch upstart team mate for that vacant Ferrari seat that will surely be begging by about May.

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