Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo, F1 racing driver, Renault 2020







Team: Renault

Nationality: Australian

Born: 1989 (30)

Profile: Anyone doubting Daniel Ricciardo’s sanity in leaving a team on the cusp of resurgence for one mired in the sloughs of mediocrity should revisit the Ozzie’s bellow at the culmination of Mexico’s 2018 qualifying session. Less fleeting joy at starting the race on pole, the primeval shriek was an exultation at delivering the perfect sporting killer blow (forever denying Verstappen the youngest ever pole position plaudit). 2 years of being on the wrong end of questionable team race tactics never mind Verstappen driving etiquette was enough for Ricciardo to see which way the wind was blowing even if its ungovernable direction led inescapably to Renault. Much as all the talk was about ramping up investment to accommodate the expectations and abilities of their new superstar it didn’t take long before even Daniel’s wide-eyed enthusiasm for life was sorely tested by the tight-fisted ambitions of Le Regie.