Sauber Alfa-Romeo




1996 (22)


Looking like a Manga spaceship pilot battling multi-coloured space octopus' in the 5th dimension, Leclerc glides effortlessly into F1 sporting the unusual qualifying trait of possessing talent rather than money. Nonetheless also proving there's no such thing as the penniless racing driver, Leclerc's passage to motorsport's top table has been carefully greased with newly branded Sauber Alfa-Romeo the recipient of Ferrari largesse as part of their own desperate internal race to find somebody sufficiently qualified, pliable and cheap to replace deadweight Kimi Raikkonen at the end of the season. Of course, regardless of the Monegasque's performance there's no guarantee the Scuderia won't just pick Daniel Ricciardo for 2019 but then Leclerc should still be onto a good thing once Vettel gets his arse handed to him by the Australian for the second time in his career and the German's seat and dummy is suddenly available in 2020. Or of course, they'll just get Verstappen. Actually, they'll probably do that.

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