Carlos Sainz Jr

Carlos Sainz, 2020 F1 driver for Mclaren







Team: Mclaren

Born: 1994 (25)

Nationality: Spanish

Profile: Sainz appears to have realised early doors the inverse gravitational pull of Red Bull on a career, namely the longer the career you want, the further away from the insomnia-championing fizzy drink team you have to get.  Unless the career you want to have is in Formula E.  Already 2 teams down the track from the perpetual sleep-knackerers, Sainz now rocks up at motorized kazoo sound-effect,  Mclaren.  Ostensibly to replace his childhood hero Fernando Alonso in occupation, (if not in achievement).  Unless he wants to relive Alonso’s career in reverse and is thus praying for a miracle even Ron Dennis would have dismissed as outlandish.  Leaving the factory team for one of its customers may not prove a wise move but then again, how long is he going to be at Mclaren before the hairdryer wail curse of his earliest employer’s inadvertent grid-stuffer policies finally catches up with him?  El Matador once threw his helmet through the window of his Toyota when it let him down; assuming his son has some of the same DNA, Pitflaps towers is especially looking forward to discovering what forces the Mclaren’s Halo can endure during the inevitable disappointments of the coming years.