Alfa Romeo




1993 (25)


Jarno Trulli and Viantonio Liuzzi were the last 2 Italian drivers in F1 so it's not as if Giovinazzi has the finest of legacies to fulfill even allowing for the thunderingly dismal historical performances of his fellow bretheren. Technically not a rookie, Antonio is presumably hoping he will get off to a better start than the last time he took on F1 driving duties when he destroyed his car twice at the Chinese Grand Prix in 2017. In reality the bar should be exceedingly low despite his team-mate being an ex-World Champion since this particular version is arguably about as committed as other ex-World Champion Alan Jones was when he returned to sit in - or more accurately, on - the Haas-Ford having spent the intervening period seemingly fulfilling his childhood dream of eating every last pastry in Queensland. Failing to vanquish Raikkonen will probably send the otherwise fetching 25 year old to Ferrari's young driver knackers yard, already resembling that movie mogul's bed from the Godfather so let's hope not. If nothing else I may chainsaw an entire field of horses heads if I see Kimi Raikkonen climb back aboard a car in 2020.

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