Alexander Albon

Alexander Albon Red Bull Racing 2020







Team: Red Bull Racing

Born: 1996 (23)

Nationality: Thai

Profile: Do Red Bull sell a lot of drinks in Thailand?  How about now?  Just wondered.  Anyway, here is Alex Albon a no doubt charming young man of 23 with absolutely no junior titles to his credit and a quite unspectacular CV (even aside from that) SOMEHOW OR OTHER finding himself driving a Formula 1 Toro Rosso.  I’m sure the considerations taken into account were 100% performance related, not commercial and it’s just a coincidence that his residual value resembles the self-funded sum previous Thai entrant, Prince Bira brought to motorsport’s top table when he raced under his own considerable Royal-financed largesse some 70 years earlier. Will give Stroll a run for his money if you’re measuring brand value vs. hard cash on an income spreadsheet and that’s what the sport has turned you into.