Bloke who honestly nearly bought Jaguar in 2000’s son now really thinking about buying Aston Martin

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That guy who really got off on a spray painted green Stewart and was honest to god thinking of buying an XJR’s son is now looking up the catalogue prices of a DB12.

Following the successful airbrushing of a previously bright pink Jordan-Midland-Spyker-Force India-Racing Point, former Aston-agnostics have gone apoplectic for the brand and are clamouring to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds they never knew they had on the famous marque.

Middle-aged joiner, Dave Reynolds said, “my dad was a huge F1 nut and I remember him getting really excited about buying a 3.0 V6 X-Type just after Tyrell-Stewart got a green paintjob thereby automatically becoming Jaguar.”

Aston Martin F1 2021

It’s got an ejector seat, we’ll give it that

“Sadly, upon realising he didn’t have £25,000 in his bank account we had to make do with the family Mondeo for another 6 and a half years.”

“But 20 years later I’m getting exactly the same tingly sensation my old man did the second I saw the famous – is it? -livery and am now actively looking at a second mortgage to purchase a brand new DB12.”

“Or to be honest, a 2nd hand non-starting Virage currently in storage in Cirencester”, he added.

The Newport Pagnell-via-Northamptonshire marque have certainly fired the imagination since they broadcast some pictures of the re-liveried Stroll employer, before coming home a strong 6th and 2nd from last in the opening race of the 2021 season.

“I’ve always wanted to own an Aston as I loved Bond as a kid”, Reynolds continued.

“Ever since I first saw the helicopter chase it off the jetty and it turns into a submarine underwater I’ve dreamt of having one.”

“It’s as quintessential an Aston Martin moment as all the ones that will be created this year with this team,” he added.