That’s Red Bull Wang!!!!

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Red Bull have sent the bloke from their first team back to the second team they hired it from, joining the other bloke they’d done the same thing to in order to hire a bloke they had already sacked in a previous formula.

You couldn’t make it up – unless your name was Richard Littlejohn, Boris Johnson or Christian Horner.

“That’s Red Bull Wang!!” the Ginger Spice drilling bell end told reporters, aping the Mitchell & Webb absurdist parody game show catchphrase without realising that was a joke.

Red Bull F1 driver roster 2019
17! 53.7658! 23 and a half! P45!!!

“Sacking someone we’ve just promoted would be anathema to Red Bull if we hadn’t already done it. Similarly, promoting somebody we’d already sacked would be an abomination if we hadn’t already done that as well.”

“The only thing we hadn’t done before was re-hire somebody we’d hired, sacked, sacked again and re-hired already.”

“But don’t put us past that before the year’s out,” he explained.

It’s understood that Pierre Gasly is sat in a pub car park staring into the middle distance making a soft moaning voice.