Heightened F1 excitement still no match for cricket

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2 Grand Prix in a row featuring nail-biting excitement can’t shift the reality F1 is less exciting than cricket, say experts. 

Back-to-back races featuring on-the-limit overtakes, uncertain victors, crashes, smashes and offtrack action galore still couldn’t eclipse events at Lords where 22 men threw a ball at bits of wood buried in the ground for over 6 hours.

Dead cricketing F1 enthusiast, Richie Benaud said, “wheel banging, intra-team argie-bargie and the very public self-destruction in a cloud of smoke and carbon fibre of a former great should be the pinnacle of motor racing excitement.”

Ooh – a googly!

“But anyone watching the final of the One-Day cricket World Cup knows full well only one of these 2 events made grown men shit themselves rather than have to leave their television sets for even 10 seconds.”

Whilst Sunday’s British Grand Prix produced a predictable winner it also had the sort of upset, high octane nonsense and smash n’grab antics to make up to 8 people forget the French and Spanish Grand Prix. Especially useful if you had to operate heavy machinery, drive on the motorway or pass complex legislation whilst recalling them.

But you would still have had more fun watching 2 teams of flanneled buffoons throw a dead tree at a circle of leather covered cork.

“F1 fans with apparently defective memories and off buttons have been decrying the lack of excitement in their sport every time overtaking is too easy or too difficult or the wrong colour or something,” continued Benaud.

“So when it’s actually suddenly entertaining – but still not any better than cricket – well.”

“Shheeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiit.” He added.