F1 now Schroedingers Cat

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F1 has now moved into the quantum realm, scientists have confirmed.

The alleged pinnacle of world motorsport is both brilliant and crap at the same time according to fans thereby fulfilling Schroedingers famous thought experiment to describe how electrons can be both present and not present at the same time because of a cat in a box that was alive and dead or maybe it was drunk or ill or something.

Formerly alive now dead scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking said, “the quantum universe is a mind-boggling froth of seemingly incoherent random occurrences that nonetheless drives everything in the macroscopic realm.”

F1 Schroedinger's cat

“Which if you ignore the second part pretty much fits the description of Grand Prix fans.”

The French Grand Prix’s drama void caused 000’s of fans mystifyingly captivated by the opinions of Christian Horner and unable to remember further back to the last half decent race that Grand Prix racing was now mired in unending tedium and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Only to change their opinions 1 week later when the Austrian GP turned out to be fairly entertaining and everything was fine again, apparently.

“F1 is both boring and exciting at the same time,” Hawking continued.

“If you lift the lid on any Grand Prix weekend the race will therefore both be alive and dead at the same time: like in Schroedinger’s experiment.”

“Apart from in Spain where it will be abject dogshit all the time,” he concluded.