Booing this particular podium perfectly alright, say Ferrari

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Ferrari have insisted booing the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix podium was perfectly acceptable unlike on previous occasions when it wasn’t. 

After the application of Sebastian Vettel’s 5 second penalty for infringing Lewis Hamilton  relegated the German to second place, a  post-race furore kicked off the like of which nobody had seen since the last time this sort of thing happened. 

Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto fumed, “we’re absolutely sick of this Mickey Mouse, Kangaroo Court type of conviction – unless it’s in our favour.” 

2019 Canadian Grand Prix podium
No: *you* go fuck yourselves

“The booing of the podium by alert, savvy fans was an entirely fair reaction to  the draconian, kneejerk anti-Ferrari FIA bias; unlike previous booings which were entirely unjustifiable reactions by ignorant, lazy fans to inventive, dynamic Ferrari strategies.” 

The raucous rostrum rebuff followed the contentious decision by Montreal race stewards to penalise the Ferrari driver after he left the road on lap 53 then rejoined in a way the casual observer might have thought looked a bit like a panicking man prepared to try just about anything to avoid his main rival making him look like a dick. Again. 

Similar podium protestations like Austria 2004 where Michael Schumacher was gifted a win on the last lap after team mate Rubens Barrichello was ordered to pull over and 2010 in Hockenheim when Felipe Massa was likewise told to defer to Fernando Alonso were completely different kettles of fish, argued Binotto.  

“Today’s travesty of justice was nothing like Hockenheim or the Salzburgring,” Binotto trumpeted. 

“Here the injustice was meted out by lumpen, inhuman officialdom whereas previously it was delivered with impressive efficiency by splendidly dressed Ferrari personnel working for the greater good.” 

“It’s completely different,” he added.