Red Bull considering Verstappen XBox withdrawal

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Red Bull Racing are considering the nuclear option of removing Max Verstappen’s XBox if the driver continues crashing, it’s been revealed.

Running off the track or crashing into one of his rivals for the 5th time in just 3 races, the Dutch driver is on the cusp of an employer-imposed console ban that could see the precocious so-and-so go into a gaming-restricted meltdown.

Teenage sports expert, Gilbert Fridge said, “Max’ racing tantrums have got worse and worse as the Dutchman slowly migrates from puberty into a strange new adult world of apparently boundless opportunities circumscribed by uncodified responsibilities.”

Where’s the off button?

“Meanwhile, his body’s various physical transformations have no doubt contributed to some of the unfortunate incidents we’ve seen recently as unexpected changes happen he can’t control. Like his braking,” he explained.

Verstappen has been off track and crashed into so many people so far this year, he’s been nicknamed ‘The Lawnmower Man’ by me just now and ‘that dickhead’ by Lewis Hamilton a bit earlier.

It’s reached such epic proportions that Red Bull are on the verge of taking away his XBox and maybe even his phone if the little tearaway doesn’t start to behave himself.

“Red Bull are on a knife edge with the right way to treat Max’s erratic slew of high jinks automotive mayhem,” Fridge continued.

“They have to threaten him with something serious but can’t risk provoking him into the sort of tantrum that will only make the situation worse.”

“Like taking away his Haribo for example. There lies madness.”