Everything with F1 now great thanks to new font, says fan

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All an F1 fan’s doubts about the cost, competition, spectacle and excitement of the series have been banished thanks to this great new logo, it’s been revealed.

Previously jaded fan, Darren Geldhelmet was starting to tire of the tedious, histrionic, money-burning freakshow when the governing body unveiled a new visual rendition of the word F1, immediately removing his concerns and making the 24 year old incandescently optimistic about the sport’s future.

“I’ve been watching F1 for years but had started to wonder whether I could have been doing something more useful with my time like pulling out each of my hairs and slowly burning them one by one over a Calor Gas barbecue.”

New F1 logo 2017

Stand down lads: stand down! It’s red

“Or trying to learn the harmonica underwater. Or collecting every design of Kit Kat wrapper every produced. Or listening to Billy Ocean’s entire back catalogue on a loop whilst somebody hit me over the head with a frying pan as an entire darts team stubbed their cigarettes out on my back.”

“But now F1 is spelt with just 3 red lines on a black background I realise I was right the first time and can’t wait for the first race of 2018,” he said from a straitjacket.

The old F1 logo was over 20 years old, spelt the word ‘F1’ and nobody gave it a second thought good or bad because they probably liked the sport and how you spelt it or what font it was in mattered less than the colour Force India painted their cars.

“You’re all wrong, the font was the main thing wrong with F1,” sport turncoat, Ross Brawn said from under a pile of Liberty money.

“Now we can sell loads more mugs, mouse mats, hats and duvet covers, break America and become the biggest Intergalactic sport in history!” he added whilst crossing his fingers and looking at his phone.