Bottas pretty certain he’s won a race

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Valtteri Bottas is fairly sure he’s won at least one F1 race but don’t press him on where exactly.

The Finn has now won 2 races at motorsports premier category though everyone had forgotten within 10 seconds of him crossing the line in both of them.

Said the Mercedes driver, “I’m pretty sure I won a couple of months ago.”

I did win a race…..or did I dream it?

“I also have a dim recollection of standing on a quite high platform last week though I may have been fixing a drainpipe.”

“Dunno: I might have to Google it,” he added.

The 27 year old actually won his first ever race 2 months ago in Russia when nothing much happened then followed it up with the equally mind-numbing Austrian Grand Prix for which everyone forgave him as they’d already forgotten the first one.

“My ambition has always been to win in Formula 1 so it’s a shame I can’t remember it or indeed, whether it actually happened, Bottas continued.

“I’ve only been in this team 10 minutes and it’s already turning into my entire Williams career.”