Hamilton presented with massive metaphor

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Lewis Hamilton was presented with a replica – or “fake version” of one of Ayrton Senna’s helmets to remind the Englishman what the family thought of his “record-breaking” pole position at Montreal.

Seconds after stumbling through the latest awkward post-qualifying interviews, chief blandishment enabler Will Buxton presented Hamilton with one of the Brazilian’s original, race-worn helmets that turned out not to be that and are you getting the message yet? the absent family insisted like a big uncomfortable smell.

Gushed the delighted Hamilton, “what an amazing gift. I always looked up to Senna – I’m not sure if I’ve said that often enough: at least for sufficient brand synergies yet to generate the billion additional dollars over my lifetime my advisers have told me.”

Lewis Hamilton 65 pole positions

“…part of a set of 6….not to be sold separately”

“So I’d like to thank the family for this extraordinary act of generosity. By the way: when did Bell helmets stop getting made in Taiwan?” he asked.

Fashioned from finest plastic, the exact copy of the Brazilian’s lid from 1987 via an old Tamiya catalogue therefore wasn’t Senna’s helmet at all: a point the family wasted no time in clarifying with a massive wink to camera.

“The family putting me on the same level as Ayrton despite achieving the same thing in way more races without having to waste 4 years tooling around in a Toleman or a Lotus is pretty unbelievable,” Hamilton continued.

“Having said that, I’m surprised Ayrton never complained about the paint coming off and the chin strap being made of cardboard,” he added.