Alonso craving grits

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Fernando Alonso has got a craving for grits and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

The Spaniard revealed the dish of coarsely ground maize kernels is giving his tastebuds the absolute horn and he needs to go to the one place he can get his fill of it: Americaland.

The 35 year old said, “you know how sometimes you get fixated on a certain food? Well, I can’t explain it but I just got obsessed with grits.”

Fernando Alonso craving grits

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“Grits, grits, grits. Grits. Grits, grits, grits, grits, grits, grits, grits. I can’t even say the name enough.”

“Grits: see?” he added.

Grits are a food made from corn that is ground into a coarse meal and then boiled. It is particularly popular in the United States; a country that also likes guns, white heterosexuals, guns and white heterosexuals with guns.

Coincidentally, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is located here and happened to have a work placement space which the Spaniard said he would take whilst carrying out his number 1 priority of filling up on the oatmeal/polenta substitute.

“Of course, I’ve tried making it here in Europe but it’s just not the same,” Alonso continued.

“I need to go to where it’s made where I will consume my own body weight in the stuff to sate my craving.”

“Coincidentally also hitting the average driver weight for the 500 in the process,” he explained.