Orange paint faster McLaren theory failure

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Mclaren’s theory that the colour orange is worth at least half a second a lap has proved mistaken say lap time experts.

The Woking team went into the 2017 season for some reason optimistic engine gains from their partner Honda would close the gap to the leaders.

But the main ace up their sleeve was that radically altering the livery from black to black and orange would see them immediately march to the front of the grid.

Orange paint faster McLaren theory failure

Back to the drawing boards, lads: out with the Sunburst Ochre, on with the Tangerine Dream

Team boss Eric Boullier explained, “the new regulations saw an even more intense winter than usual.”

“The usual focus on incorporating innovative engineering solutions was therefore more limited so we were really grateful when Colin came into the factory one morning with some swatches.”

Armed with detailed focus group studies in a devastating Powerpoint presentation, the marketing executive usually barred from engineering discussions persuaded the Woking boffins they could achieve the competitive edge they’d craved for so long upon adopting the extravagant hue.

“I can’t remember exactly what he said though there were words like “performance uplift”, “engagement matrix” and “brand dynamism,” Boullier explained.

“Without fully understanding how a different colour would actually make the car faster therefore, I found myself convinced that would happen.”

“More convinced than Honda could make it faster at any rate,” he continued in front of a smoking car up on jacks.