Wardrobe changes harming 4th title tilt, Hamilton warned

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Lewis Hamilton’s 4th title is at risk as the 31 year old is trying to achieve it in a record number of outfits, it’s been revealed.

Hamilton looked nailed on for a 4th championship in July having won 5 of his 6 most recent races but a post August-break slump has seen team-mate Nico Rosberg suddenly look unbeatable and all because the Englishman is attempting to have worn his 86th pair of trousers come October

Said the Englishman, “it’s not enough to win another title; I want to win it having gone through my entire wardrobe during the same period.”

Lewis Hamilton wardrobe

I call this ensemble, “ran through Top Man Oxford Street with my eyes shut”

“I know it is much harder trying to win races whilst figuring out how to carry off a peach Prada cowboy waistcoat and Jaxon and James Harlem newsboy cap without clashing with whatever Rihanna’s stylist has told her to wear that day but I owe it to my fans to at least try,” he explained.

Lewis has come a long way since his 2008 championship where he wore the same silver Mclaren puffa jacket, pink Vodafone t-shirt and black Boss action slacks from the opening race in Melbourne to the season finale in Sao Paolo over 7 months later.

Signing for Mercedes meant the Englishman was finally able to control his appearance however, resulting in the apparent deliberate donning of various garish hats, combat trousers, sunglasses, tie-dye t-shirts and incomprehensible tattoos.

“I really want to clinch this title but to clinch it in a pair of Versace diamante jeans, Stella McCartney ear studs and Ralph Lauren polo shirt fresh from their cellophane wrapping would be utterly amazing,” Hamilton continued.

“It’s what dreams are made of,” he added in green Santa Cruz beanie, white slim-fit button-down collar All Saints Egyptian cotton shirt, J Crew printed silk-twill shorts and Converse Chuck Taylor All Star peached canvas sneakers.