Button to spend 2017 posting annoying Instagrams

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Jenson Button has announced that he is going to make the most of his 2017 gap year and won’t flinch from telling everyone about it.

Announcing his fully paid up 2 year notice period at Mclaren, the 36 year old made it clear getting paid to visit 19 different countries a year without having to do anything was going to mean an upgrade to his Instagram account.

“For the best part of 20 years I’ve traveled the world and yet only witnessed the VIP airport lounge, a 5 star hotel room and 3 miles of grey tarmac attached to a media centre,” the 2009 World Champion commented.

Jenson button retirement instagram 2016

Plenty more of this next year.  Unfortunately

“Now for some unfathomable reason Mclaren are going to pay for exactly the same thing only without me having to talk to an engineer for 40 hours inside a motor home during the rest of it.”

“Basically, I am getting my own Kuoni rep,” he explained.

Since joining Formula 1 in 2000, the Briton has visited over 25 amazing countries as part of the F1 traveling circus – as well as France.

But the life of an F1 driver meant little to no time available to visit a Karaoke bar in Tokyo, Hammam in Istanbul, bullfight in Barcelona or try barbecued labrador in Korea.

So now everyone’s going to have the shit bored out of them with endless poorly composed, out of focus Instagram snaps as the Englishman makes the most of his subsidised gap year.

“I can’t wait to talk to the engineers when we get to Melbourne next year,” Button continued.

“They’re going to love all the pictures of Wombats I took even more than the ones of me getting wrecked on Pina Coladas at the Lui bar the night before.”

“And several hundred thousand other fans as well, obviously,” he added.