Kevin Magnussen career failure makes dad proud

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Son Kevin Magnussen‘s plunge from the pinnacle of world motorsport even faster than he managed has made father Jan, chuffed to bits.

Speaking after the announcement Kevin had been dropped from the Mclaren team at the age of just 23, the Dane’s father said, “I’m incredibly proud: at his age I was still only dreaming of being washed up.”

“Now he can actually go and live in a one-roomed apartment in Texas because the only thing he can do just to survive is drive US prototypes around crumbling circuits in the depths of redneck America.”

Kevin Magnussen, Jan Magnussen

Well done son; now you can come and be an estate agent, like me

“At his age I was still having to break records in British Formula 3 whilst being compared to Ayrton Senna: living in a bedsit in Houston would have been just a stupid dream,” he explained.

Kevin’s F1 career got off to a stunning start with a podium in his first ever Grand Prix but it was pretty much all immediately downhill from there, his father proudly pointed out.

“Not that long ago, I was really concerned about his future; winning the Formula Renault Championship and then signing for Mclaren when he was just barely an adult, ” Jan continued.

“I was on the verge of getting Jackie Stewart in to try and wreck his confidence like he did with me but luckily Kevin got his head down and made sure he was out of a job before he’s even into his mid-20s.”

“Thanks Ron: I owe you one,” he said, stifling a sob.