Pirelli back-to-school boisterousness creates havoc

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Pirelli tyres are messing about because they got all excitable after the summer break.

The Italian rubber had a month off being the F1 contact patch of choice and being thrust back into the job made them a bit combustible.  Or very, if you ask specific German individuals.

Pirelli head, Paul Hembery said,”you know what it’s like; you have a month off, you don’t know what to do with yourself and suddenly it’s back to work and you’re like a tightly coiled spring.”

vettel ferrari spa 2015

Sorry sir, it won’t happen again sir

“There’s all this pent up energy but you don’t know what to do with it.”

“Some people just explode. Literally,” he added.

The Belgian Grand Prix was littered with 2 tyre failures sparking criticism of the manufacturer as supplying sub-standard or even dangerous products.

But the reality was simply that one or two of the company’s oval rubber wheel surrounds were so happy to be back transporting the world’s greatest drivers and Will Stevens round and round the planet’s finest race tracks they exploded with joy.

“Honestly, some people would be delighted at this sort of enthusiasm,” Hembery argued.

Goodyear couldn’t give a shit and you never got this sort of thing from them.”

“Which is a bad thing, right?”