Maldonado, “just following orders”

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Pastor Maldonado’s heinous driving crimes are only because he has to do what his superiors tell him, the Venezuelan has claimed.

Speaking from the underside of his smoking, ruined Lotus the 30 year old said, “this isn’t what you’re thinking.”

“Ideally I’d have finished more races waving at the fans from the top of the podium rather than the marshalls from the top of the crash barrier.”

pastor maldonado 2015

I’m getting the words….smash shit up

“But I’ve been given my instructions and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it,” he lamented.

The 2010 GP2 Champion has had a chequered career if by chequered you mean mostly crashing into things and by career, mostly crashing into things.

But the Lotus driver has his orders and you can’t just say no because you have a moral obligation, can you?

“It would have been easy to tell my mysterious overlords exactly what I thought about them and ignore their unspeakable instructions,” Maldonado continued.

“But I’m a real stickler for authority – especially authority that announces itself mysteriously midway through a race by shouting “KILL!!” – and in any case I’ve made some great friends amongst the stewards now.”

“And that’s what this sport is all about: crashing with a smile.”

“So they tell me, at any rate,” he added.