Renault had 40 year head start actually, say Red Bull

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Renault are talking out of their arse about playing catch-up to Mercedes because they had turbo engines in 1977, Red Bull sports performance psycho, Helmut Marko has claimed.

Sensing a spare 30 seconds between Grand Prix, the bruising confrontationalist decided to let rip against his paymaster’s engine supplier in case nobody had heard him the first 100 times.

“Renault are citing the headstart Mercedes had on everyone as to why they’re so far in front,” the Austrian psychonaut began.

Renault had 40 year head start

“In the future, I want all Renault-powered cars up on jacks”

“But I found a website called You Tubes yesterday where there was a video of their team competing in the late 70’s with the commentator blatantly referencing their turbo engines.”

“So they’ve actually had 40 years to get this right, not 3 – the lying Frog bastard official technical partners,” he conjectured.

Renault powered Red Bull to 4 consecutive drivers and constructors championships then fell off the boil a bit following the 2014 regulatory changes.

You know: like what usually happens to every engine supplier since basically forever.

“In the footage I saw, Lauda won, Renault started near the back and kept blowing up,” Marko continued.

“For a minute I thought I was watching highlights from this year.”

“Which would be funny if I understood what the concept of that was exactly,” he added.