New livery 1st ever interesting Sauber thing

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Sauber’s new blue and yellow colour scheme is the first slightly interesting thing to happen in the team’s 20 year history.

Unveiling the Brazilian-inspired 2-tone colour scheme, team boss Monisha Kaltenborn apologised for inadvertently raising a few eyebrows.

“We are very sorry about this superficially diverting livery,” the ex-accountant told assembled journalists.

Sauber's 2015 blue and yellow colour scheme

Who is this again?

“Unfortunately, our usual choice of white, black or white and black became impossible when we realised our entire existence revolved around letting our sponsor loose on Photoshop.”

“We can only hope the underwhelming combination of these bright, primary colours mitigates some of the cosmetic frivolity, therefore,” she added.

The conspicuous paint job is officially the 2nd most interesting thing to happen to Sauber after the team’s creation in 1994.

It is marginally more intriguing than having F1’s first woman CEO and wasn’t there a Monaco Grand Prix once where everyone retired and a Sauber finished quite high up or something?

Anyway: that.