Hamilton not going to fall for that number 1 on your car shit again

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Lewis Hamilton has seen what happens to drivers who become World Champion and isn’t falling for that number 1 on your car voodoo shit, no sir.

The 28 year old wore the number 1 in 2009 and ended up like 50th or something because his car was possessed by an evil hex and Martin Whitmarsh had just taken over – which come to think of it, was probably the same thing.

And look what happened to Seb last year as well, I’m not stupid he said.

Lewis Hamilton retains 44 for 2015 season

I reckon counting’s over-rated

“I’m not stupid,” the double World Champion said.

“Putting a number 1 on your car is just asking for trouble.”

“Like my mate Gary Stretch: he put a full body kit, double Cobra stripes and a number 1 on his Clio and the next thing you know he’d rolled it into a field of cows after he got into a race with a Suzuki Swift.”

The Mercedes driver confirmed he would instead continue with the lucky 44 number he raced so successfully in 2014; like in Australia, Monaco and Canada.

And Austria.  And Germany.

And Belgium and Hungary.

“If I wear the number 1 on my car next year the rest of the grid might just think I’m some cocky twat showing off all the time and being a dick,” Hamilton continued.

“Whereas if I don’t….oh.”