Montezemolo still banging on about unprecedented success

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That Luca di Montezemolo is still going on and on about multiple world championships and record car sales, the current Ferrari management have complained.

The now ex-President of the Italian concern was fired in October with his executors not hanging about in blaming absolutely everything wrong with Ferrari on the long haired dandy patrician show-off.

Replacement scapegoat, Sergio Marchionne said, “Ferrari haven’t won anything since 2007 and it’s all that foppish tit’s fault.”

Luca di Montezemolo

All that success: what was I *thinking*

“Yes we came close a couple of times, won loads of races and sold more cars at a higher profit margin than ever before. Yes we won multiple world championships before that and helped create the most successful driver/car partnership in Formula 1 history.”

“But apart from that: what has Luca ever done for us?” he whined.

Di Montezemolo took over as Ferrari President in 1991 turning the road car business to profit for the first time in a decade, and setting the F1 team on a path of unprecedented dominance.

But it all turned to shit in the last couple of years so: fuck him.

“Glory, glory, glory; riches, riches riches: Christ, he doesn’t half go on about it,” added Marchionne.

“What does he want: a job or something?  Jesus.