FIA declare Double Points like when they used to race in South Africa

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The FIA have decided double points will be like when everyone happily raced in Apartheid South Africa for years but that’s like, in the past and stuff.

Officially ditching the wildly unpopular initiative at the World Motorsport Council meeting was considered marginally more feasible than investigating whether Jean Todt and a few officials could get together and wipe the rest of the planet’s memories of the doofus concept like in the film, Men in Black.

double points like south african grand

That’s all alright then

Said the tiny, spineless sports administrator, “look, it’s all very embarrassing and we should never, ever have done it but can we please just agree to forget about it and move on?”

“It doesn’t have any ethical or moral ramifications for our sport – aside from torpedoing whatever dwindling sense of integrity anyone thinks it still has – and only happened once.

“We raced in South Africa over 20 times for God’s sake!”

“Try erasing that lot from YouTube,” he added.

F1 first began racing at mankind’s dismal zenith of intolerant bigotry in the 1960s; continuing right up until 1985 when only the blindest amoral cunt could pretend that this was all perfectly acceptable.

“Did I hear somebody call my name?” said Bernie Ecclestone.