Vettel finger caught moonlighting

Sebastian Vettel’s finger has been doing odd jobs since being made redundant at the end of 2013.

The 4-time world champion index finger was caught alongside the German’s equally decorated middle digit re-enacting Churchill’s famous victory sign for an RTE documentary due out in October.

Said the pinky, “times are tough: I’m lucky to get this to be honest. I’m grateful. Anything to get me out of Seb’s pocket quite frankly.”

vettel finger moonlighting

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“He had a cold in March. I’m just saying for such an apparently clean cut man, his handkerchief hygiene leaves a lot to be desired.”

The 26 year old Red Bull driver has yet to win a race in 2014 and was forced to lay off the waggling valedictory pinky.

As a result, the digitus secundus had to go off behind its owner’s back and look for alternative employment.

“You should have seen what I turned down,” continued the digit.

“I mean, I’m desperate but I’ve still got my respect. I’m not appearing in the Argos catalogue for anyone,” he added.

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