Senna anniversary provides journalist holiday opportunity

An F1 journalist has been able to go away for a 2 week break in the middle of the season for the first time in nearly a quarter of a century, thanks to wall-to-wall Ayrton Senna anniversary coverage.

The 48 year old man successfully caught his plane from Gatwick to Faro last Friday where he plans to lay up for over 10 days in the balmy Portugese weather with his wife and 2 children.

“Ever since I’ve entered this profession, the longest holiday I’ve ever had between March and November was an extended Bank Holiday stag do in Prague back in 2002,” he told us.

Journalist grateful for Senna anniversary holiday opportunity

Have they stopped banging on about me yet?

“So I’m grateful both to my employer for doing 30 pages of pointless conjecture, what-ifs, re-hashed interviews, bullshit and stuff we did 10 years ago and Ayrton for pegging out over a May Bank Holiday so I can go somewhere relatively inexpensive to get a tan this time, rather than frostbite.”

The journalist was able to take the extended break upon recognising the Senna 20th anniversary date on the 2014 calendar and realising 90% of the inevitably bloated coverage could be thrown together in about 2 hours over a liquid lunch at the Dog and Duck.

“It was a Godsend,” he continued.

“I only had to add a Bruno Senna interview – which took about 5 minutes.”

“At least, I think it was him.  By 3 o’clock we were pretty hammered so it may have been Frank Bruno.”

“I’ve already booked the Amalfi coast for 2019, is what I’m saying,” he added.

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