Marussia exchange points down cash converters

Marussia have already gone down cash converters and exchanged their Monaco points for cold, hard cash.

The scarcely solvent Russian outfit made the move on the Monday following the historic achievement otherwise their catering truck would have been serving nothing but lentil soup from Montreal.

Team boss, John Booth said, “this is a historic day for Team Marussia but what with interest rates being at record lows and this dead cert coming in last at Kempton, Cash Converters’ offer was something we couldn’t afford to turn down.”

Marussia exchange points down cash converters

And how much can we get for this sign?

Jules Bianchi’s run to 9th around the Principality was a stunning achievement for the back-of-the-grid minnows, not to mention the 750 quid offered by the Walworth Road branch of the popular high street loan shark outfit.

“To some people this may look cheap and shoddy: undermining the magnificent thing we managed to do here,” Booth continued.

“But when you consider what we were selling Max’s services round the back of Kings Cross for, I hope everyone appreciates this is easily the best value and least humiliating celebration in the history of the team.”

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