Grosjean criticised for ruining last little nugget of 2013 season enjoyment

Romain Grosjean has put the final nail in the 2013 season coffin.

The 24 year old crash test dummy began the year as the go-to guy for substitute unpredictable chaos.

But now the winsome bum-fluffed Frenchman has apparently grown peripheral vision even this proxy Chuckle Brothers treat has been condemned to the dustbin of Sky re-runs and Autosport Top 10 accident supplements.

Romain Grosjean  2013

Now sadly a thing of the past

F1 fan Shuz Bakebender commented, “at least when I used to crowbar myself out of bed in the middle of the night to watch a race I could console myself with the knowledge a Vettel win would be punctuated by a French berk throwing himself at the rest of the field.

“But now he’s decided to treat other cars like cars – rather than delicious biscuits he has to stuff in his face as fast as possible– I find my self getting up for no apparent reason whatsoever.”

“You know, like a weekday.”

F1’s funniest European driver was still piloting his car like on an audition for a Laurel and Hardy tribute act as recently as Hungary.

But the formerly grinning maniac appears to have grown weary of looking like a dickhead in and out of the cockpit and decided to do something about the former

“I think it’s probably having a child that’s done it,” Bakebender continued.

“Though he must have grown powers of speech pretty quickly to already be able to tell him to stop being a tit.”

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