Cameraman hit by wheel, “ruining carefree peril for rest of us”

The fucking idiot who apparently can’t even see a bloody great 30 kilogram wheel barreling towards him has completely ruined our fun, the Formula 1 media has complained.

The man – or ‘twat’ – was hit by the Red Bull detritus during the German Grand Prix because the prick was too busy filming or something which means everyone has to report from the equivalent of a frigging underground padded crèche.

cameraman hit german grand prix


Journalist Max Rash said, “I used to love hanging around the pitlane pretending my job was vaguely perilous; especially because it was about the only thing that kept my wife remotely aroused.”

“But now I have to hide up here on the pitwall there’s absolutely zero chance of even getting a blowie off her.”

Pitlane cameramen have been a staple at race circuits since Georges Boillot won the first ever Grand Prix in Dieppe in 1912.

From the earliest sketch artists to modern gyroscope camera suits, 100 years of covering pitstops and drivers’ latest bits of fluff have been captured in complete safety until a bloke getting hit by a fucking great runaway wheel made people realise people could get hit by a fucking great runaway wheel.

“I suppose this reduces the likelihood – however small to begin with – that Natalie Pinkham or Eddie Jordan will one day be silenced by a flying bit of car debris?” one fan pondered.


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