Believe in Mclaren hashtag terms and conditions altered

Mclaren’s #BelieveinMclaren Twitter hashtag has had its terms and conditions amended, the team have announced.

The unremarkable clarion call was previously thought to be a plea by the Woking squad for the public to trust it to do stuff like win races and generally justify turning up.

But following the launch of their newest clown car in Bacofoil F1 challenger, the team have moved to clarify the meaning of their vaguely encouraging motto.

Believe in Mclaren

Still convinced?

Greying rake-lookalike, Martin Whitmarsh said, “following our disappointing performance in Melbourne we would like to clarify that the statement ‘Believe in Mclaren’ means exactly that: that you believe we exist.”

“Any value judgments placed upon the team by person or persons who may or may not be fans are entirely at the discretion of those persons but should not deflect attention from the very real fact that Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes is a definite, physical entity competing in the Formula 1 World Championship,” he added.

“Sort of.”

The downgrading from lifeless rallying slogan to bland statement of fact was welcomed by marketing shit-weasels.

Frank Arsehole of ad agency, Glans! said, “changing media landscape, omni-channel strategy, connected commerce, marque management, brand leverage, social engagement, fuck, shit, wanker.”

Whitmarsh went on to describe the anodyne Surrey team’s latest social media strategy.

“We’re thinking of introducing a Facebook presence as well. But rather than ‘like’ there’s just going to be a button with ‘meh’ on it,” he explained.

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