Force India unveil 2nd driver

Force India have announced that Damien Hirst’s art work, For the Love of God is to be Paul di Resta’s partner at Force India for 2013.

The £50m diamond skull was a surprise late nomination for the vacant seat but was nonetheless delighted at being selected.

“I’m over the moon to be joining Paul for the 2013 Formula 1 season driving for Sahara Force India Mercedes,“ said the platinum cast of an 18th century human skull encrusted with 8,601 flawless diamonds.

force india unveil second driver

And my seat fitting will be a piece of piss

“Though I’m just a disembodied inanimate trinket plastered with the most valuable metastable allotrope of carbon on earth I can’t wait to repay the faith the team has shown in me.”

The memento mori artwork was tempted out of retirement from public life by an offer from Force India’s very own owner, Vijay Mallya; keen to make use of the world’s most valuable piece of artwork by a living artist’s unique skills.

Paddock pundit Ray Prepuce commented, “Vijay’s definitely seen something in FTLOG that’s intrigued him.

“Maybe he’s spotted an intense competitive streak in that hollowed out twinkling gaze or sensed a level of supernatural car control given out by the Skull Star Diamond in his forehead?”

“Or perhaps it’s the combination of an invoice for a billion dollars and a gaudy trinket worth enough to keep the bailiffs off his back for another week that’s forced his hand?”

“I guess we’ll never know,” he added.

“Vijay wants me to do a really simple job,” the ostentatious tat told reporters.

“And that job is to just drive the car. And act as collateral should anyone come asking for Mr Mallya by name whilst mentioning the word Kingfisher and holding either a court summons or blowtorch.”

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