Barrichello available for Puss in Boots

Rubens Barrichello has put it out there that he’s available to play Dick Whittington in the Oxford Playhouse’s Christmas 2012 production of Puss in Boots.

The 40 year-old admitted that it would be difficult to turn down the titular role assuming it was ever offered to him in the first place but – you know – if it were offered to him it would be difficult to turn down.

Rubens said to absolutely anybody prepared to listen, “people are asking me if I’d be happy to do Puss.”

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 Of course, Jack & the Beanstalk is technically more demanding

“And I say: ‘Dick is such an amazing character – of course I’d be happy!’ before the kids ask me who I’m talking to and I go back to eating dinner.”

The lead role in the perennial festive family favourite became available following the lead actor’s arrest for a number of minor drugs infringements, assault, breaking and entering, money laundering and 1st degree murder.

And despite there being an existing contract with the understudy, the understudy’s understudy and with Comedy Dave, H from Steps and that dog from the X Factor all available, the Brazilian is adamant he should be first choice.

“Don’t get me wrong: I’m very proud of the work I did for Jim Burke Downtown Automall,” he explained of the series of cable TV car dealership ads that will appear across parts of Birmingham, Alabama later in September.

“But ever since I lost my part in Sinderella at the Wycombe Swan, I just knew that show business was unfinished business!”

“Though if anyone’s got any voiceover work, maybe some continuity announcing that needs doing, I’d definitely be interested,” he added.

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