World Championship just this not very important, stupid thing, say non-Red Bull teams

Shrugsville: Who cares about the Formula 1 World Championship? all the teams that aren’t Red Bull just said, writes our meh correspondent, Jim Whatever.

Arriving at the new Indian Buddh circuit near Delhi, all the F1 teams were busy contemplating the fact that both World Championships were already sewn up with 3 races still to go but; you know – so what?

For the past 8 months the rest of the grid had been systematically handed their arses on a plate by Sebastian Vettel and the rest of his sucrose-stuffed clubbing-aid team.

sebastian vettel christian horner


Yet now the goal everyone else set off for is well and truly dead and buried it’s been decided that actually, everyone was really just turning up for the Craic.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah: it’s a nice bauble, I suppose,” Mclaren’s head skeleton, Martin Whitmarsh told reporters.

“But you know: we go racing as a team.  For the racing.  For the heritage.  To win – not too much and not necessarily to win something as a result of winning things you understand, just to win.  The odd race – as a team.”

“Did I mention heritage?” he added.

“Good a lucka to bladdy Red Boule,” Stefano Domenicali of top flakey Italian outfit Ferrari, commented.

“Issa bladdy nice ah spoze butter da Scuderia issa bitter more conzunned wiv our legacy anna our fans danna cupla shynee trinkits, innit?”

“You wanna byan at?” he added.

Sebastian Vettel was thought to be polishing his index finger particularly vigorously in preparation for shoving it somewhere very hard following this weekend’s result.

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