Nick Fry cements F1 expertise credentials

Nick Fry once again showed his credentials as one of the sharpest managers in the F1 paddock upon pointing out that Jenson Button had been outpaced by Lewis Hamilton at 2010’s series opening Bahrain GP.

Observing that the 31 year old had qualified slower than and then proceeded to race behind his younger team mate, Lewis Hamilton Fry noticed that this meant Button had therefore been beaten by the other driver employed by his team, Mclaren and that this probably wasn’t a good thing for his former employee.

Fry yesterday, speaking into a microphone to talk to an audience about some stuff in his head

The ex-Honda team manager went on to suggest that not only was it not a good thing but that Button would have to drive faster in relation to Lewis in order to beat Lewis or he would risk being slower than his team mate if he wasn’t able to do that.

Paddock pundits expressed surprise at such razor sharp insight by that fella who does something or other at Mercedes these days.

Veteran opinion fluffer, MaxTwaddle said, “I must admit, I’d only really taken in the fact it seemed rather warm.”

“And HRT were a frigging embarrassment: but Jenson being slower than Lewis wasn’t really on my radar. If it’s true I imagine it’s incredibly significant”, he continued between Martinis.

Fry, who began his career turning a moderately successful F1 team into a completely unsuccessful one also noted that it was quite hot out in the desert and day followed night prior to surprising himself by locating his arse with his hands later, in the team motorhome.

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